What A Drought-Tolerant Landscape Means For Your Wallet

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What A Drought-Tolerant Landscape Means For Your Wallet

Any landscape can be designed to conserve or even eliminate water usage in times of drought, yet the average homeowner wastes precious resources through the irrigation of traditional lawns.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 9 billion gallons of water is used for residential outdoor use, primarily for landscape irrigation, which amounts to about 30 percent of total residential water use.

Drought-tolerant landscapes stand up to the local climate and retain a stunning effect, while making it easy to save water as well as keep maintenance and costs to a minimum without sacrificing beauty. By utilizing drought-tolerant landscaping options, such as pavers, decomposed granite, mulch, and golden gravel, you can take your landscape from H2O-wasteful to ecologically sustainable.

By choosing from a wide array of BC plants, you can design a yard that reflects an authentic California setting while emulating your personal style.

The best part is you’ll save in the long run, as while investing in water-saving landscaping you get the opportunity to not only enjoy your outdoor space but also to save yourself up to 75% of their monthly landscaping water bill. More environmentally friendly landscaping requires less water usage to maintain, translating into long-term savings.