Best Patio Plants

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Ornamental Grasses

Look for short varieties to add architectural interest to pots; tall types offer great screening if used to edge the patio in ground or in pots. Most are perennial, but read the tag to be sure. Most need full sun.


Blue, purple, or white lobelia looks wonderful in baskets or mixed containers. This annual needs mostly shade, though it will tolerate a little morning sun. It blooms best in cool weather, so if it starts to look ragged in mid-summer, trim it back and it should rebound in fall.

For sheer drama, nothing tops a caladium! The heart-shaped leaves in striking reds and pinks make this plant a favorite accent in pots or along borders. Enjoy them as annuals, or, in cold climates, dig up the tubers before winter, and store them in a cool, dark place to plant again next year. They’re shade lovers.