5 B Appsest Garden

f you want to try yourself as a vegetable grower this year now is the time to discover your green fingers, many sowing seasons start in March. You can find a selection of suitable apps here.

1. Flowering for several years: Perennial herbs
Before sowing comes the seed search – so far, so logical. If you don’t want to create new flowers for your garden or balcony every year, perennials are an optimal choice. These flowering plants usually last several years. With the app, Perennial herbs, you can find the perfect perennial for you from thousands of different varieties.

2. It’s all vegetables anyway: Gardroid – Vegetable Garden

You are more in the mood for home-grown salad and fresh vegetables? Here the Gardroid app will help you. In addition to sowing and harvesting times, the app also gives you practical tips on care and the necessary row spacing that your plants need to develop.

3. Keep an eye on your garden: Grow Garden App

Once the flower beds and boxes are filled with flowers or the vegetable beds have been laid out, they should not be let out of your sight so quickly. 

4. Waterbot: Plants watering + Gardening

When was the last time I actually watered the rosemary? Is it already too dry or can I let it wait another week? Whether on the balcony or in the house it doesn’t matter: your plants need water now and then. If not, they grow crispy quite quickly. If you often miss the optimal watering time, watering apps like the Waterbot will help you.

5. A compact all-rounder: Garden Manager Plant Alarm

If you want to do more than just keep an eye on watering times, this all-round Garden Manager app will help you. You can also use the alarm to remind you when you want to spray your plants with protection or perform special tasks (such as fertilizing). You can also take pictures of your plants and follow the progress of your plants like vegetables.