Landscaping Tips to Help Prevent Flooding

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Controlling Flooding

  Landscaping Dos
Do try to slope the ground away from the foundation of your home – a good six to 10 feet. That way water will flow away from your house rather than towards it.
Do install a hard surface, like asphalt or patio stones, next to the home. You need to keep water as far away from the house as you can.
Do plant natural grasses, as well as native plants, trees and bushes around your home. Because they tend to have longer roots, you don’t need to water them as much. Plus, they usually can handle it if a big rainstorm occurs. Plants with shallower roots can get damaged if they sit in water for too long. You need to plant those ones in areas that drain well.
Do consider putting in a rain garden, which has a deeper area built in to collect and absorb water. It can turn what might have been a flooded backyard into a beautiful landscape.
Do keep your lawn healthy and don’t cut the grass too short. The deeper the roots are to absorb water, the less chance of flooding
Do point rain spouts to where you want water to go, such as toward vegetation that can absorb a lot of water
Do make sure that during the winter snow is removed away from the home’s foundation