How to improve the views around your yard

“With a little thought and some strategic use of plants and landscape features, those lousy views can transform into something more welcoming.”

Have a look around the yard and out your windows.

Like what you see?

So many yards are so wide open from little to no plantings that the views are usually into the neighbours’ walls, garages, and patios. 

The opposite extreme  is a landscape so overgrown that much hacking/chopping is needed just to achieve some breathing room.

With a little thought and some strategic use of plants and landscape features, those lousy views can transform into something more welcoming.

There’s more to this, though, than simply putting up a fence. 

“Before cutting down any trees or overgrown plants, picture what the view will be like without it.”

Trees and big, bushy evergreens do more than just screen views you don’t want. They can be used to frame or accent views you do want … or create beautiful views in their own right.

If you’re lucky enough to have a nice view into the horizon, the last thing you’d want to do is make it disappear. Examples include a mountain, lake, valley, sunset, meadow with a barn, or a neighbor with nice landscaping.

By planting trees or tall evergreens on the edges of such a view, the plantings draw focus into it – much like a picture frame around a painting.

raking leaves

Patios are much more inviting when they’re at least partly surrounded by plants and given a “ceiling” with a vine-covered pergola, awning, or roof.

In this case, you’re being framed and given the feeling of looking out from the frame and into the yard. In other words, it’s an outdoor room with a view.

Semi-enclosed patios also focus your views while adding up-close-and-personal privacy. Just remember, the bigger and closer you add plants, the more enclosed you’re going to feel. So when deciding on plants and placement, determine your line between “cozy” and “claustrophobic.”

Another area to consider is the view out your windows – especially ones that you use a lot, such as a window above a kitchen sink or the view outside from a favorite living-room chair.

Many people are inside more than they’re outside, so these inside views can actually be your most used and appreciated landscape features.

The views out windows are especially good choices for specimen or “star” plants, such as a flowering dogwood or cherry for early-spring color or a weeping evergreen for year-long form.

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