Gardening and Health

  Looking for some exercise? A leisure activity to replace your tennis game or running? Here is a chance to combine your love of yard work with fitness!

  That “leisure activity” I am referring to is gardening. Compared to a sedentary lifestyle, doing these things for only 10 to 60 minutes a week led to an 20 percent lower risk of mortality.

So, more physical activity even further decreased that risk; 2 – 3 hrs of physical activity each week led to a 30 percent decrease in mortality.

This is not new, because gardening has been previously linked to positive health changes. Previous studies found that gardening is linked to a decrease in depression, anxiety, and weight loss. Gardening has also been linked to huge benefits for the elderly, citing a reduction in falls, reduction in stress, and even reduced need for medications. To sum up, gardening and health make a great combination! So, got out and garden!

Here is a link to the study.

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