Downfalls of Deferred Lawn Care

Superior Landscaping Ltd.

One of the main reasons that homeowners care for their lawn is for the purpose of curb appeal. Keeping your lawn plush increases the value of your property and appeals to your neighbours passing by. It also adds a sense of security as well kept homes defer possible intruders. Without regular maintenance, your lawn is susceptible to growing weeds, hosting more pests, and lacking the beautiful green colour of a healthy lawn.

Regularly mowing your lawn will allow the healthy grass to flourish, while the unhealthy grass disappears. Keeping it at a consistent height (not too short, and not too long) will prevent any random debris, such as leaves and loose garbage, from catching. Tip: the ideal length for a healthy lawn is three to four inches.

Maintaining upkeep with your lawn will also prevent weeds from taking over. Removing weeds immediately will prevent them from putting out more seeds, which will lead to further growth. These seeds can even spread to your neighbour’s yards via wind! Be a responsible neighbour and remove your weeds.