Creative Ways to Add Privacy Landscaping

When clients consult Superior Landscaping Ltd. about creating an outdoor space or enhancing the one they already have, one topic that always comes up early in the conversation is privacy. It’s understandable, of course. Your patio and yard are more than just a place to maintain. By design, this space is intended to relax us and make us feel happy, whether you do a lot of entertaining or love spending as much of your day outside as possible.

As much as you might love your neighbours, it’s easier to unwind in an outdoor space when you feel at least a little secluded from the people next door or those driving by. What are your options for privacy landscaping? Here are a few ideas:

Plant large-caliper shade trees.

The caliper of a tree refers to its trunk diameter—the larger the caliper, the taller the tree (and more extensive the root system). You might want a fast-growing tree, but if you plan to be in your home for a long time, it’s important to consider other factors, like shade spread. A naturally large crown offers lots of shade, and the tree types that produce this crown tend to be wider.

Intersperse evergreens.

Where large-specimen trees can block nuisances from a higher vantage point, certain evergreens do an excellent job for things closer to the ground (e.g. a neighbour’s garage). Trees like arborvitae are 3-4 feet wide and can range in height from 20 to 70 feet. They work well in clusters if you’re trying to create a “wall” of green.

Use hedging for bare spots.

Since trees lose their leaves in winter, it’s good to use an evergreen hedging plant with dense foliage in areas you want to block year-round (e.g. a street). Many plant types are very hardy, and the dense foliage can create a visual barrier as well as a sound barrier. You have many choices if you want tall hedging. 

Add shrubs to hide eyesores.

We all have those spots in our yards we want to hide, like air conditioning units and sheds. A group of seasonal shrubs is a great way to add colour and beauty to an otherwise unattractive spot.

Use trellises.

There’s so much you can do with a privacy lattice. Build a privacy screen around your patio—go for a shuttered or lattice look. Add panels to areas where you want to place a buffer between you and something else. If you love a little green, plant vines or climbing hydrangea at the base.