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To pour or not to pour, that is the question. To be honest, it’s actually a question we get quite often. People want to build a new walkway, driveway or patio, but aren’t sure how to choose between using concrete or using pavers. We thought we would take a couple of minutes to break it down for you, and make the decision a bit easier. 

When most people think of concrete, they think of it as solid, indestructible and permanent. So, it’s therefore not surprising most folks think something made with concrete will last forever, right? Well, it may last for many years but it might not end up looking how you think it should in the process.

We’ve all witnessed patios, driveways and walkways that look something like this, with huge cracks billowing with whatever weeds and grasses have blown in on the wind. That’s because while concrete is indeed very strong, it’s also very brittle. That inability to bend and flex with the grounds natural movement leads to cracking and breaking. Once the concrete cracks, there’s nothing we can do to really stop its shifting. We can try quick fixes like filling the cracks or re-surfacing but those are only temporary solutions. So what’s the answer?

When building a new walkway, driveway or patio our recommendation is virtually always to use pavers. They’re cost effective, versatile and come in almost unlimited styles and colors to work with any home. They don’t crack from the grounds natural shifting or tree roots. Pavers, most importantly, can easily be pulled up to access underground water or utility lines unlike concrete which requires cutting and re-pouring leaving an ugly strip that never matches the old concrete.