Charm Prevails

Landscaping terraces and balconies.

Each free space, even the most unforeseen or the most ungrateful, can become an opportunity to invent a garden. If the seduction of a terrace conversing with the sky seems immediate, it is at the foot of buildings, discreet, private or shared places, which are just waiting to transform into jewels.

A welcoming entrance onto a green courtyard

The freshness of a green passage between buildings

Modest but so important by their function of reception, courtyards and passageways of buildings deserve that we pay attention to them. Thanks to the modular concept terrace system , it becomes easy to transform these spaces without destroying the existing structures – smiling entrances and passages enhance the condominium .

The ground floors are transformed when they open onto peaceful patios. Water gives life to the smallest forgotten enclosure, whether it sings on a path of polished pebbles or streams cheerfully along a wall that has become a sculpture. Where delicate mosses, graceful ferns, slender bamboos or rhododendrons with subtle blossoms flourish, delicious secret gardens are born .