Should I Backyard Ideas for 2020 Woes

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Backyard Ideas for 2020 Woes

Start your very own vegetable garden!
This can be as simple as starting an herb garden with some basil, oregano and thyme for taking cuttings or as extravagant as several raised beds with various vegetable varieties. Whatever your ambition is, this is the year to try a new hobby!

Think about which veggies your family likes most. Remember, one rule about vegetable gardening is that you must be okay with some failure. In Nevada’s hot, often unpredictable climate, it is challenging to grow vegetables, but it is also extremely rewarding and fun. Get the entire family involved for a great learning experience.

Create an outdoor living experience with landscape lighting.
From low voltage lighting options to white, bistro string lights, there’s so much you can do with lighting in your landscape. Bistro lights around your patio seating area add a fun outdoor café vibe to your space. With new lighting, lounging in patio furniture or a hammock will be even more relaxing.

Or have a professional install low voltage lighting that softly illuminates your landscape, providing a warm and inviting ambiance for your outdoor area.

Plant a pollinator garden.
butterfly on sticky geranium
As an educational opportunity for the kids or even for yourself, planting a pollinator garden can be very rewarding. Planting a variety of flowering plants with different shaped flowers will encourage a variety of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and flies. Yes, flies are pollinators too and some look exactly like small bees.