3 Tips for Growing a Pet-Friendly Herb Garden

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3 Tips for Growing a Pet-Friendly Herb Garden

Gardening while owning a pet is sometimes more complicated than you might expect. Curious noses and paws might find themselves in the plants you’ve worked so hard to grow. If this describes your recent experiences, use these 10 tips for growing a pet-friendly herb garden without any extra stress.

1. Adjust Their Potty Training

The first thing dog owners can do is adjust their potty training plans. Take your pup to a different part of your yard to do their business, so they aren’t near your garden. They won’t confuse the various smells and textures with the perfect place to relieve themselves later on.

2.  Consider Your Yard

Many factors go into choosing the best spot for your garden. You’ll have to consider where there’s direct sunlight and where there’s too much shade. Don’t plant anything where water can’t drain efficiently. And your pets will appreciate it if you don’t start your garden where they’re already used to playing or going to the bathroom.

3. Plant Away From Play Areas

Some dogs and cats spend their time in specific parts of the yard. They might like a cool spot on open soil or the grass beneath your shadiest tree. If you plant herbs away from those areas, it’ll be easier to keep your pets and garden areas separated.