Here are a few of the latest ideas from us. 1.Retaining walls that double as extra seating. Vertical gardens that serve as privacy walls. Visually appealing outdoor features that double as functional landscape add-ons are the trend this year. Brainstorm how a potential landscape update can serve your purposes.

“These trends might be the inspiration for your next project.”

2.  Programmable watering systems and advanced outdoor lighting and electrical systems are bringing smart home convenience outside. Expect to see more smart landscaping accessories that make it easier to sit back and relax outdoors.

garden wall

3. Pergolas have been a go-to landscape design idea for years. But, contemporary pergolas are getting some unique upgrades, including windows, space heaters, and lighting and sound systems. Paired with an outdoor kitchen, a fire place, or a seating area or on its own, a pergola can make spending more time outdoors more comfortable.  

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