3 Gardening Myths

3 Gardening Myths

We thought we would share with you all 3 Gardening Myths that may not be known to one and all.

1. Natural pesticides are always safe

Don’t misunderstand me please, but the ‘natural’ tag does not necessarily give a pesticide any moral or practical superiority over its synthetic brethren. Natural toxins can still be harmful to pets, people and the land if misused, while some can have nasty consequences for beneficial insects and other creatures.

Of course, this is case-by-case, but the question you should be asking is how toxic and persistent a pesticide is. Many ‘natural’ products – including home-made brews – will come up smelling of roses, but by no means all.

2. Watering plants in the middle of the day leads to leaf burn

Will leaves actually burn because of the magnifying effects of a water droplet? Fortunately, this is indeed a myth, and the midday sun is no barrier to your watering can.

While leaf scorch can occur due to excessive temperatures or water loss, it is often best to water plants around dawn or dusk. So, less water will evaporate before it’s been absorbed.

3. Lighten clay soil by adding sand

This is just a time-waster – it can also turn your soil into a slab of concrete not fit for even the most resourceful plant. Clay soil can be infuriating – it drains poorly, goes hard as rock when dry, and stays cold long after winter. But, you’re much better off adding organic matter such as compost, manure or grass cuttings. This will lighten the soil while also improving nutrient quality.